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ANSemble Duettino


The trio composed by Nicola Proksch (1st soprano), Simona Mrázová (2nd soprano) and Alexandr Starý (piano) was formed early in 2015 in Ostrava. As part of their joint concert with the soprano, Czech Radio Ostrava addressed them and asked them to make a recording of Duets Op. 63 Felix Mendelssohn. Both voices were in perfect harmony, accompanied by Alexander Stary on the piano in an unrepeatable way, and it soon became apparent that both the soprano musicians had decided, in addition to their solo tracks, to pursue chamber music, especially duets. According to Harmonie magazine, ANSemble Duettino is a “New Chamber Phenomenon”. In 2017, the trio performed at the opening concert of the International Festival of Slavic Music in Ostrava, where a complete performance of the Moravian Duets by Antonín Dvořák was performed.

After the recordings of Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Fanny Hensel and Johanness Brahms duets, ANSemble Duettino will continue recording with the French repertoire in spring 2019, also for Czech Radio. Given that the trio consists of two Czech and one Austrian artist, the plan is for the future recording of Dvořák's Moravian Duets, both in original German and Czech. The trio regularly performs at domestic and foreign concerts.

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